The security forces,found around the game,are the second of the main antagonists in the game(the first being the Scientists.)

The security forces will attempt to capture Spanx and Redmond throughout the game,utilizing a variety of weapons,ranging from flashlights to high powered flamethrowers

Standard security (Rent-a cops) Edit

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The standard security forces have a blue uniform,and wear jeans.The come in two types,fat and skinny.

The fat cop is armed with a flashlight,while the skinny one has a taser.Both are found throughout the game,and both will attempt to impede the player's progress,by attacking them,gradually causing their health to diminish.

Special Forces (Haz-Mat Hunters) Edit

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Special Forces security are dressed in a full body yellow,orange,or blue HAZ-MAT suit,along with black rubber gloves and boots.

The Hunters are equipped with special wands,which can be charged with Fusion Barrels to give them fire,ice,electrical,helium,or toxic firing powers. The have a higher health and more damage per hit than the regular guards.